Soldier. Bladesmith. Innovator. Counselor.

After finishing multiple tours in the Special Operations community, Kyle Gahagan left the Army and moved back to Wilkes with his wife. In 2009, Gahagan decided to return to a childhood passion of knifemaking. This was intended to be a hobby, but the Ranger creed “100 percent and then some” attitude forced propelled Gahagan into a new career. Gahagan was determined to learn all that he could about bladesmithing and make quality knives that would meet rigorous standards.  He began to work with world famous bladesmiths, eventually crafting and honing his own unique style.

Gahagan quickly realized that not only were his knives efficient and successful for practical use, but also for working through his PTSD. He created Resilience Forge North Carolina, a program designed to teach veterans the skill of bladesmithing so that they, too, could hammer out some of the issues associated with PTSD, receive appropriate physical therapy for some injuries, and have the foundation of a new skill.

In 2016, Gahagan competed on “Forged in Fire”, a History Channel reality show about the art of bladesmithing. His appearance on the show brought awareness to his veteran program, as well as to his knives.

Gahagan creates knives to fit the individual needs of his customers, as well as stand the abuse they may need to take. He knows a good knife can really make the difference when you truly need it. His knives are made by warriors, for warriors. These knives fit Gahagan’s own life: “100 percent and then some.”

-Betty Blade


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