What the heck is Magnacut?

Are you tired of super sharp knives that aren’t tough?
Are you tired of super tough knives that don’t stay sharp?
Well, It sounds like Magnacut is the solution to your problems.
CPM Magnacut steel is the latest supersteel in the knife industry, developed by Dr. Larrin Thomas, the founder of Knife Steel Nerds himself specifically to be the best knife steel on the market, with its super high toughness, incredible corrosion resistance and, insane edge holding capability it may very well be the ultimate knife steel.
In past steels it has been somewhat hard to find a steel that has the perfect combination of properties to be deemed the perfect knife steel, is it perfect? It’s hard to say but so far it’s one of the most incredible steels I have had the pleasure of using and it’s safe to say that other people feel the same way, that’s probably why we’re seeing Magnacut so often.
Most knife companies are starting to use Magnacut in some capacity, From American blade works, Microtech, Heretic, Tactile Knife Co, Kershaw, and even Buck Knives, Magnacut is the future of knife steel and hopefully, you like it cause you’re gonna be seeing a lot more of it.
Most knife steels are either tough, hold their edge well, or are corrosion resistant, but a steel that combines all three AND does all three extremely well, well that’s new. The only real downside to Magnacut is it’s pretty hard to sharpen, but with having to sharpen your knife less often is it really a downside?
How can I describe Magnacut to someone that might not know a whole lot about knife steels? Think of the sharpness of S90V, The toughness of CPM Cruwear, and the corrosion resistance of LC200N, that’s how I would describe it in my own way, with my favorite upside being the toughness, it lets you have a knife with a grind that is thinner behind the edge than normal without sacrificing your sharpness if you have to cut something tough.
So I guess its safe to say that Magnacut is the current leader in the ever evolving world of knife steel, although it may not be everyone’s favorite, and theres still nothing wrong with the classic steels we all know and love, you have to give credit where credit is due, Magnacut is an amazing step forward in the way knife steels are developed and I can’t wait to see more knives made in Magnacut.
So if you don’t have one yet, pick one up and try it out, it might surprise you.

-Taylor Grinds

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