Deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, you will find a tall wizard, a maker of EPIC heirloom quality knives and tools. This knife-making wizard is Josh Morgan, also known as Primitive Woodsman. Josh grew up in the mountains of North Carolina and has spent a lot of time outdoors camping, fishing, and hunting. While being outdoors, using knives was a big part of that. That eventually led him to make knives that work perfectly for any of your outdoor tasks, from skinning wild game to clearing trails.

Over the years, Josh has worked super hard to perfect the craft, and along the way, he got to work with other highly talented makers like Daniel Winkler and Jason Knight. Over the years, he has developed incredible knife designs and become a popular maker in the Bushcraft and EDC community. Josh Morgan is one of our favorite makers here at Ridgerunner Blades, not only because of his incredible high-quality knives but because of his attitude and personality. He is one of the absolute coolest dudes we deal with regularly, and for me buying a knife is more about the maker than the knife itself most of the time.

One of our favorite models from Josh is the Hellbender, a large Kukri-esque camp knife with outstanding geometry and the perfect handle shape. The Hellbender is named after the giant salamander species that can be found in the rivers and creeks of Western North Carolina and parts of southern Tennessee. As a fan of reptiles, amphibians, and all things herpetology, the Hellbender fascinates me. Josh also taught us another name that they go by that I had no idea about, The Snot Otter! I really think he should rename the knife now…. The Primitive Woodsman Snot Otter! My sense of humor is super lame; I apologize.

So hopefully, if you’ve read this far, you know a little more about the Primitive Woodsman, a super cool dude an amazing knife maker. What more can we say? Pick up a Primitive Woodsman blade for yourself, and let us know what you think. I’m sure you’ll love it.

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