Are you sick of buying ties, Worlds Best Dad coffee mugs, and stuff he’s never gonna use? Let us help you out! Knives make the best gifts even if your dad isn’t a knife guy. We’ve got you covered for an everyday carry for dad to opening packages all the way to skinning his latest trophy.

Let us ease your pain with our top 10 best knives to get dad for Father’s Day.

#1: Kershaw Leek, prices starting at just $69.99-The Kershaw leek is a top seller from Kershaw, with a super fine tip, speed safe assisted opening and American made quality this one is hard to beat, especially for the price. With as many color and finish combinations that the Leek offers you’re sure to find the perfect one for Dad.Perfect for office carry or just general everyday use, you can’t beat the Kershaw Leek.

#2: Spyderco Delica, prices starting at $89.99-The Spyderco Delica has been around for roughly 30 years, it is one of Spyderco’s most popular models and one of the sharpest knives on the market, with its super tough FRN handle this knife will work for any task you throw at it. Available in a wide array of colors and grind options there are a lot of options to help fit Dad’s style.

#3: Benchmade bugout, Prices starting at $179.99- The Benchmade Bugout is arguably one of the most popular knives in the country, its slim, lightweight and super tough making it a great daily carry knife. Lots of color combinations available and the Bugout is also highly customizable with a ton of awesome aftermarket parts available. Benchmade offers a lifetime guarantee with their knives along with free sharpening for the life of the knife as well, so if dad loves a great deal you definitely can’t go wrong with a Benchmade.

#4: American Blade Works model 1, prices starting at $200.00- One of our favorite brands here at the shop, American Blade Works is a local company to us and it has become one of our best sellers thanks to the awesome craftsman ship of Michael Martin. Every single part on the ABW knives are made by them all the way down to the screws.Dads love high quality tools, and this is one of the best.Available in 20cv and Magnacut steel these knives are some of the toughest folders we know of.

#5: Boker Kwaiken, starting at $89.99-The Boker Kwaiken is a personal favorite of mine, with a hand full of different handle options and even size options the Kwaiken makes an excellent every day carry blade. Designed by Lucas Burnley, one of the world’s top knife makers you can be sure this knife will make dad super happy on father’s day.

#6: ESEE 4, Starting at $130.00- We can’t say enough great things about esee knives, with a no questions asked warranty you can do whatever you need to do with this knife and not worry about it. Made with classic 1095 high carbon steel you can sharpen it easily in the field and depend on it in almost any task that comes your way. One of the best outdoor knives on the market, it’s tough and rugged just like Dad.

#7: Winkler knives Blue Ridge Hunter, prices starting at $325.00- Is your dad an outdoorsman? Do you want to get him the best gift cause hes the best dad?nThe Blue Ridge Hunter is one of the very best outdoor knives on the market. Designed with the outdoors in mind this knife is one of the toughest and most useful knives available, specifically designed for outdoorsmen, the Blue Ridge Hunter will be your dad’s new favorite knife.

#8: Winkler knives Combat Axe, Starting at $600.00- The Legendary Combat axe, Long story short, the combat axe was technically the first axe made by Daniel Winkler, with design influence by Kevin Holland, this Axe is a tool you can depend on in any situation. Dad’s are warriors, get dad one of the best tools a warrior can own this father’s day, the Winkler knives Combat Axe is perfect for tactical applications as well as outdoor tasks, tested and proven, the combat axe is sure to make dad feel extra awesome this father’s day.

#9: Dogwood Custom Knives Fish and Fowl, Starting at $140.00- Designed and made by Dan Eastland to be a slightly larger version of a Bird and Trout knife, think of a short version of a filet knife with less flex, a great game processing knife for hunting and fishing. Super tough S35VN steel allows for less frequent sharpening and great corrosion resistance. These are the perfect knives for Dads that love hunting and fishing.

#10 Greyson Jennings Custom knives traditional, Starting at $350.00-I’m sure at some point you’ve bought dad a Case knife for father’s day, well if dad loves Case knives but he’s ready for an upgrade then Greyson Jennings custom knives are the perfect choice. The traditional folders made by Greyson Jennings are an upgrade from case knives, with premium stainless steel, multiple handle options, solid lockup and a great warranty you can’t go wrong when buying dad a traditional folder. Classy and refined just like Dad.

We hope that this made shopping for dad a little easier! In addition to our top 10 Picks, we wanted to offer you even more help with 10% off your online order as your browse our online store. Use the promo code “FATHERSDAY10” to save on your order. If you come in store to shop, you can mention the promocode to save in store as well. (*10% Off excludes Winkler Products)

We hope all of you take time to cherish how special your dad is to you! Dad’s if you’re reading this we hope that you have a great father’s day.

-Your Ridgerunner Blades Family

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